You Dropped Something

13 thoughts on “You Dropped Something

  1. God bless House of Mercy… One of the few CHURCHES left that preaches and teaches the WHOLE TRUTH OF THE WORD OF GOD…. 🙏

    1. Chari Roma says:

      Jay Humphries amen God bless House of a Mercy 🙏

      1. Jay Humphries when I moved to West Palm Beach for a short time, I found that church and attended until I came back up north. It is truly a blessed church. And the pastor is, “spot on.” I still listen to it and have the service on my Facebook. I had introduced it to many of people up here and they love what the pastor preaches on. ❤️❤️❤️

  2. Justice and Mercy and Faith Amen

  3. Truth starts in the beginning.

  4. A shout out to my son Nick Moree. I love you.

  5. Amazing Grace. Amen

  6. Alex Torres says:


  7. Chari Roma says:

    Amen 🙏 Jesus has never changed

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