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Welcome to House of Mercy

A West Palm Beach church that’s not afraid to preach the truth!

A Church Without Pretense
In the 1990’s, Pastor Tim Bumgardner left the comforts and prestige of the megachurch, to preach the undiluted gospel of Jesus Christ.

“I saw how church was changing,” he explains. “I felt The Bible wasn’t being taught; and there was no opportunity for people to be saved or have a legitimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It was a business.”

A Place That’s Real
Today, House of Mercy continues to preach the untarnished truth of the gospel.

Not for money.
Not for fame.
But for the saving-knowledge of Jesus Christ.

House of Mercy is where God’s power is real. Where lives are restored. Where truth-seeking people of any age find hope and healing. Where the broken find mercy.

From this humble church, the gospel is preached both locally and worldwide via the internet. And lives everywhere are being changed. Come home. Come to House of Mercy.



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