Warlocks and Witches Sermon Jam

6 thoughts on “Warlocks and Witches Sermon Jam

  1. Keep preaching the Truth!!!!!

  2. You mean asking God to do a magic trick after you had risky sex and you promised never to do it again if your 3rd AIDS test would turn out negative???

  3. The things the reverand talks about God he is very correct we r merely for triles an tribulations as we have become strong in his name here to obey an learn follow an believe have faith in true magic in prayer for with out prayer an faith their is no magic nevauseahic comebgrom lonely is ur heart with out our father. empty is the soul without god jesus was a man the son of the father in witch was we came forth for the high priest proclaimed our brother jesus a mere witch yet he was stronger than merlian metlian learned his strongest chants of prayer from jesus of nazerouswhere u get ur chants are they clean blesses ororhkor dirty with out the cleanlyness of God love urself last Our father first his son an ur mortal family before u count im any equation i dare not put my self worthy it is always our father his hesrtab our trueth pf life be true in spirit an soul an u will be well cared for only believe that is the power in God our father

    1. Thete is no possions nor is it cast a spell it comes from god an the miricals that he puts forth mot what i want but what he thr father knows we need wr must keep our heads down in chant an faith love an comtemt joy knowing that of our fathets heart is truely our children an we r his cjild so stand walk love in comfort cause im liven like a pharoe because Gods in me he could never let us down even at the end u will see.cause God walks with us..

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