Bad Guys Wanted

The church is too polished.
Jesus is looking for those with an edge.
Check out “Bad Guys Wanted” now.
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12 thoughts on “Bad Guys Wanted

  1. Ben Read this was awesome hope you can watch it

  2. Kay Webb says:

    Where is this church

  3. Rebecca Webb… 1900 south congress avenue
    West palm beach Fl.
    (Congress and Forest Hill blvd.)

    1. Kay Webb says:

      Ok little bit of a hike from here in 32164

    2. Just keep watching it live on House of Mercy and you will get fed

  4. Daniel Adair says:

    Forest hill and congress West Palm Beach fl

  5. Katelyn West says:

    I love this church ⛪ wish I still lived near by!!!

  6. Rowan Hunter says:

    I really like how this preacher break it down loved his sermon

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